Olen helsinkiläinen animoija ja kuvittaja.
Ota yhteyttä alta löytyvällä lomakkeella niin jutellaan lisää!

Kiitos viestistäsi! Thank you!

I’m an illustrator and animator from Helsinki, Finland. 
I find creative ways to illustrate your key messages and then bring the pictures to life with different animation techniques.  Whether you need to visualize course materials, brand content, exhibition materials or a game, I can help you.
I team up regularly with my network professionals, from sound designers and branding specialists to game developers and VFX artists. This way, I'm able to provide the perfect combination of skills needed for different types of projects. I also help my clients to select the best media for each project, ranging from social media to digital screens and game apps.
On my free time I enjoy the great outdoors and experimenting with new drawing styles. 
For business inquiries, send me a message using the form above or by email to info@petter.design.
I'm happy to connect on Instagram or LinkedIn.
All the best,
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